The Flora Lab – Sweet Smokin’Bourbon



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Top Notes: Honey Flower, Crushed Tobacco Leaf, Tonka Bean
Middle Notes: Patchouli, Bourbon
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Leather

The Flora Lab is an Irish brand.  Each candle is made by hand and has gone through months of rigorous testing to ensure the perfect combination of wick, wax and fragrance; resulting in the highest quality natural wax candle you can get.  Natural wax is used in the candles, as not only is it kinder to the earth and sustainable (yay!), but it also gives  a cleaner, slower burn, resulting in longer lasting candles (double yay!)

The signature Amber brown jars look gorgeous in any setting with a flickering flame glowing from within- and after you’re finished with the candle, simply wash with hot soapy water and re-use how you fancy (great as small flower pots!)

Celebrate life’s indulgences with this welcome buzz to the senses. 

Intoxicating, intriguing and incomparable, our Sweet Smokin’ Bourbon candle, with its sweet aromas, are a welcome buzz to the senses.

In Sweet Smoking Bourbon, we celebrate all of the indulgences life affords us. From the delicate nectar of the honey flower, to the crushed tobacco leaf and the rich ambers of American bourbon, this scent provides a gateway to our innate cravings.